Refrigeration System Design

 Innovative designs encompassing direction expansion, secondary loop systems, CO2 and hydrocarbon refrigerants. Understanding project budgets usually drive a project, Refrigeration Design of Indiana strives to meet our client’s requirements while steering our designs towards energy efficient systems with low operating and maintenance costs.


Energy Commissioning

Determine baseline operating conditions of refrigeration system. Fine tune system components and controls using manufacturer’s recommended settings accounting for installation and design deviations resulting in maximum performance and reduced energy consumption.

Refrigeration System Audits 

Whether for capital expenditures, planning or addressing maintenance issues, a refrigeration system audit can be a powerful tool for our clients to forecast and plan when replacing equipment or pinpointing and addressing on going maintenance issues.

Working with our clients, we collect data which will assist in strategically applying funds towards the most effective places. Additionally, this data may uncover potential problems or upcoming issues which our clients are unaware of, thus, allowing our clients to make prepared and informed decisions about their businesses.


Project Management

Working directly with owners and contractors, Refrigeration Design of Indiana has the experience to manage any refrigeration project. From project inception to closeout, Refrigeration Design of Indiana can assist with such tasks as; bid & specification review, material buy-out, scheduling, project budgets, man-hours and closeout.


Refrigeration Design of Indiana provides factory training for the brands we represent and is often free of charge. In-house training for owner’s maintenance teams, store operations and contractors can be tailor-fit for a particular need or topic.

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