Hussmann’s microSC

microSC One-Pager

Hussmann’s new microSC product portfolio consists of self-contained merchandisers that utilize R-290 (propane), a natural, non-toxic refrigerant that is environmentally safe.

Benefits of microSC

  • Low environmental impact
  • Environmentally-friendly R-290 refrigerant has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and 3 Global Warming Potential (GWP)

Regulatory Environment: Future-Proof

  • Propane meets new energy and environmental regulations
  • The EPA lists R-290 as an acceptable refrigerant

Low installation costs and timing

  • Faster installation time with “plug and play” cases – factory charged, tested and programmed
  • Because of their design simplicity, microSC units are more easily maintained and serviced
  • Most models only require 120V electrical

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